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WordPress Blod Restart Intro 2017

WordPress Restart Intro: ArtificialAtlas

Restarted my blog today, only tweets 2010 or older. It’s nice to see your own speculation in hindsight.  Not a bad batting average.

Working on getting a Twitter blue mark. I will be adding new content as soon as my current commitment is settled. Can’t write the expose until you’re all out of the pool.

Nice to see my Healthcare prediction even survived the current environment. Note the retweet of probable Russian front group blogging back in the 2000’s.

Still wonder how much more of the Human recession will not be reflected in the stock inflation index.  Civil unrest is one possible black swan.

Enjoy the disparate content to come

Live long and prosper.

Tom Ben Bergman



Sky’s the Limit

Sky's the Limit

Sky's the Limit

Bull or Bear

I don't thing he'll get the same reception

More Truth.

Do you know the truth?

Nice little summary of where we are right now.

Hoocoodanode ??

Hoocoodanode ??

Quote of the Day

From a Gold Commercial:

“It has never been worth zero.”

Healthcare is Coming :-)

Remember that England used Universal Healthcare to help lift it from the ruins of WW II so we should be able to use it for GB II.

Bill Maher and the coming Healthcare Revolution