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Money Markets


Formally highly liquid, Money Markets to get new withdrawal lockouts just like your favorite hedge fund.

South Park, once again ahead of the curve.

Video below IS work friendly, unless or course, you work at a TBTF Bank.

My First Bank Account

When good advice is bad advice.


How are you invested ??

Just because it’s a bull for three months doesn’t mean it’s not an irrational bull.

A bear only needs to be right once a decade to make money. 2000 and 2008 make us two for last eight. If we can batt .300 by getting 2009 in the win column, to paraphrase David Winfield; baseball, and being a bear, is the only job where you can fail 7 out of 10 times and still make million

What perma bull made money from 1998 to 2008 with a buy and hold strategy ?? NONE.

Bears don’t make 50% in six months like the S&P, but they don’t lose 40% in that time either. Any math with tell you that losing 40% (S&P actually lost 57%) leave a million dollars down to $600,000 so followed by a gain of 50% (S&P currently up 55% from low), leaves you at $900,000 down $100,000.

Not so for a realistic and hedged bear over the last 12-16 months.  For the prudent bear the returns are much better, say  down 10% then up 20% (rather -40% than +50%). This takes the million down to $900,000 then back up to $108,000. Sure you only made $8,000 (8%) but that crushes the loss perma-bulls endured.

Look at any long term S&P charts and the evidence is clear.

Bulls should acknowledge and apologize for the last, going on eleven, years of BEAR market fact. The same people who were shouting bull were shooting bull. And they still are.

High Anxiety

108th Floor – Sears Tower, Chicago

High Anxiety

High Anxiety

I’ll pass.

The Billy Mays of Wall Street

In honor of Bill Mays, the first “Billy Mays, Salesman of the Year”

2008 – Jim Cramer

Billy Mays never sold a product with a $700 billion commission, plus trailers.

Begs the question, is it a good thing that Wall St is based on PT Barnum’s motto on the minute?

Truth can be Violent, Vulgar and makes good Video

There is never vulgarity in a whole truth, however commonplace. It may be unimportant or painful. It cannot be vulgar. Vulgarity is only in concealment of truth, or in affectation.
John Ruskin

WARNING: While full of truth and sorta funny, the following video does have some offensive language.   Please avoid if you don’t want to here some bad words or the truth about our “Green Shoots”

Ok, a lot of bad words  😉

Trusting Wall Street Much

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Mother’s Milk and the Moochers

When the economy needs milk you feed the cow and not the bull.  The manufactors and consumers need cash to mitigate the upcoming economic depression and we should ingnore all the bullshit coming from Wall Street.  They are just loading up their suitcases before they move to Canada.

Watching the Auto hearings in Congress, I was struck by how thorough the questions where and thoughtful the debate.    After all they only asked for a business plan from the three auto makers.  But imagine if the same thoroughness was applied to Citibank.  How are they going to insure profitability?  How are they confident that the American people will every trust and buy their product?  How can we be sure they won’t ask for more billions in three months or three days?

All these questions must be answered by the automakers for a mere $48 billion ($25 granted and $23 currently requested).  But we don’t require the same for trillions already pledged to the financial industry.

The more that logic is applied to our current Economic problems, the more I realize the same people who couldn’t forsee the problems also have no idea how to solve them.

For all you Ayn Rand fans:

The Moocher’s are in charge so how can we expect them to get anything right?