Unions – The New Victims of Bigotry

The question by NY Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin at the end of this clip says it all: “”Name a Successful Unionized Company!”

I guess they all forget UPS, GE, all six major movie studios, AT&T, and many many others.   Like most in my generation, his job depends on his being uninformed, or appearing as such, about his area of expertise.

So much for the Times being a Liberal Rag

Here’s the email I sent to the Public Editor of the NY Times, Clark Hoyt:

Dear Mr. Hoyt,

One of your BUSINESS reporters, Andrew Ross Sorkin, while appearing on MSNBC as a New York Times representative, stated that he could not name one successful corporation with unionized employees.

Can your newspaper really be successful if it has reporters who lack such basic knowledge about their area of expertise?  His statement is so egregiously incorrect, I was surprised the unionized employees at the immensely successful General Electric, who were filming his segment on “Morning Joe”, didn’t just turn off the camera’s and lights.

I have yet to hear a correction from either Mr. Sorkin or the New York Times.

Hopefully the correction will be as prominent as Mr Sorkin’s asinine comment.


Thomas Bergman


3 responses to “Unions – The New Victims of Bigotry

  1. he is a snoody (sp) little prick… or so i’ve always thought… lol…..

  2. I saw Andrew Sorkin on Charlie Rose last night. I think he is weening himself off being a Wall St apologist as he too has come to realize the bankers’ folly (presumptuousness) in fighting attempts to regulate the industry so the crisis of 2008 doesn’t happen again. In case you are interested, I have just posted a piece based on his discussion.

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