Verify THEN Trust

This a response to an OP-ED by Thomas Friedman: Rescue the Rescue 
Just like Iraq, Mr. Friedman is forgetting that the people executing a strategy are just as important as the strategy.  This is something that Main St. understands very well even if they are unable to articulate their distrust of both the competence and motives of the architects of this “rescue”.
I think everyone can agree that no one is infallible, least of all Congress and Wall St.  But the establishment had their chances over the last year and half at ending this crisis and all the people calling for this rescue for Wall Street can’t seem to remember their own calls of success after Bear Sterns, FNMA/FHLMC, Lehman, and AIG.  Forgive the public if they are questioning this next attempt.
Perhaps they might gain some credibility were they to add people like Joseph Stiglitz, Nouriel Roubini, Paul Krugman, Warren Buffet, or any CEO/President of a SOLVENT community bank, to the next congressional panel on rescuing Wall Street.  For the knowledgeable, the absence of any contrary voices these last two weeks speaks louder then any cries from Paulson and Bernake.
You don’t ask the batter who keeps striking out how to hit a baseball.

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