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One of the signs that 60’s environmentalism may have worked is the presence of seals in the canals around my home. We live on Long Island and seals have been repopulating the marsh flats over the last decade or so.

As a kid in the seventies these waters seemed to be populated only by horseshoe crabs and the occasional four inch snapper. Though we swam in these brown waters as kids, the pollution scared us enough that we never purposely touched the bottom.

In addition to the seals we see basking on the reeds or bobbing their heads in the water, just last year we even had a dolphin swimming around the shallows. Though it was deemed lost and guided back into deeper water, it was an amazing sight for the neighbors on the water.

It turns out the dolphin wasn’t lost, it had just been paroled and was looking for his girlfriend. I discovered this fact when I found the picture below hidden below my dog’s bed. Apparently they met while locked up together at the kennel.

Veda’s Boyfriend

Everything, but my reason for the dolphin’s visit and the above picture, are true.

Vive la Nature 🙂


McCain – Hidden Immigrant Agenda

NY Times: McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out

Now we know why McCain has been so friendly to immigration; both legal and illegal.

And just because the Times left out the brainwashing he received at the hands of his Latino maids doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

I wonder if the Democrats can get pictures of him eating a taco.

La McCaino

Le McCaino