Elegant Argument For (Against) McCain

I have told anyone who will listen that McCain is the best choice any Democrat or Progressive could hope for from the Republican field. I think he represents the most appealing choice of the Republican group for moderates and independents He is the best fallback candidate if the Democrats prove as inept at getting elected as they did in 2004. This is isn’t to say I prefer him to either Democratic choices (or Nader for that matter).


Part of my optimism is my belief that though McCain will say anything to get elected; once in office he will revert to form. McCain’s real positions being against tax cuts for the rich and also for lobbying/campaign finance reform. The old saying goes that you can do more from within that on the outside, so why fault McCain for lying with dogs so he can get close enough to poison their food.


This isn’t to say I want him to win.


This brings me to a rather unique strategy that could be applied by his adversaries. The disdain felt by the far right for McCain is no secret. Neither is their lap dog like allegiance to candidates, like Bush, who talk the talk with lies, but walk another walk with their power. The more the left attacked Bush the more the right backed him up. The approach to McCain should be just the opposite. At every opportunity, the Democrats should praise McCain’s pragmatism and moderation.


Imagine the far-right’s chagrin when Democrat’s embrace McCain as a brother rather than an adversary. Right wing wackos, while not synonymous with the KKK, are still obviously anti-women and anti minority, so they won’t vote for either Democrat anyway; better to keep them home. The Democrat’s embracing of McCain personal attributes while respectively disagreeing with his policy objectives will accomplish the dual task of further alienating the right wing and keeping moderates from bristling at bellicose Democratic attacks.


Turning McCain into a well meaning but slightly boorish person suits his demeanor and will stick better then attacking him and inspiring sympathy.


2 responses to “Elegant Argument For (Against) McCain

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Susan Kishner

  2. Hey!! Do you think you can hold off on the derogatory dog stuff? Lying with dogs is bad enough, but poisoning them too? You need to get a better metaphor real quick because if you don’t I’m going to pee on the rug.


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