JFK – Innocence Project for Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald

Whether its new DNA tests or other scientific advances, we read almost daily about innocent people on death row; and hundreds more falsely imprisoned for years. I applaud those who strive to free the innocent, more often then not on a pro bono basis. Unlike some conservatives, I have always felt the imprisoning the innocent is a greater threat to society then allowing the guilty to go free.

Look here to see how many innocents we know of: Innocence Project

Doesn’t the lack of a any state sponsored reinvestigation of the Kennedy assassination indicate something to you? If scientific advances can free the indigent can’t it be applied with great benefit to history, to a crime last investigated in the sixties?

Just as an unethical prosecutor is reluctant to free the obviously innocent, our country still won’t acknowledge any new truth about who killed JFK and possibly answer the why as well.


3 responses to “JFK – Innocence Project for Oswald

  1. SEE JFK II at JFKMurderSolved.com. Punch in TMWKK and watch THE LOVE AFFAIR, THE GUILTY MEN and the SMOKING GUN…banned videos. Do not believe flashy websites trying to prove “Oswald did it.” He was an innocent man. To see what Lee really looked like, rather than just his death photos, etc., go to LEE HARVEY HERO. There you wll see the Lee I knew. Read dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam to understand why te cover-ups reached so far. Thank you for providing this opportunity to speak out. God bless you. JVB

  2. please, if you will, fix typos in the previous message…I am writing on a Hungarian computer and also have vision problems…. further, I am in exile overseas, due to death threats, under the EU political asylum system, and have only occasional access to the Internet now. I live among amny who come from war-torn areas of the world, especially Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Myanmar, Bosnia, and so on. The Iraq War has created much anger and suffering. Do check out “JFK II” to understand what I mean. I miss my country very much and hope that the change in the Administration will allow the truth to prosper instead of being locked up and hidden. Thank you. jvb

  3. Oswald was innocent. The Warren Commission and others who support the official theory mistate witnesses, ignore inconvenient truths and stretch evidence to fit their preordained conclusion.

    Read “How to Frame Lee Harvey Oswald” on my website for details on the man’s innocence.

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