WordPress Blod Restart Intro 2017

WordPress Restart Intro: ArtificialAtlas

Restarted my blog today, only tweets 2010 or older. It’s nice to see your own speculation in hindsight.  Not a bad batting average.

Working on getting a Twitter blue mark. I will be adding new content as soon as my current commitment is settled. Can’t write the expose until you’re all out of the pool.

Nice to see my Healthcare prediction even survived the current environment. Note the retweet of probable Russian front group blogging back in the 2000’s.

Still wonder how much more of the Human recession will not be reflected in the stock inflation index.  Civil unrest is one possible black swan.

Enjoy the disparate content to come

Live long and prosper.

Tom Ben Bergman


Sky’s the Limit

Sky's the Limit

Sky's the Limit

Bizarro Robin Hood

Via Zerohedge: “The Reverse Robin Hood Construct

It seems the entire global economy has been subverted by the rich robbing from the poor.

It’s been said a sucker is born every minute, but should our economy be based on their victimization?

I can’t see how this won’t end badly.

iPad will become iFad

Just because the iPad will become an iFad isn’t a bad thing.  Many people may buy an iPad to look cool or just us it to check email once a week (grandparents??).  The reason people buy the iPad will not be important.

I probably won’t get the iPad, though if you have an extra, I’d be happy to take it off your hands.  I have, however, started being a little more careless with my iPhone.  If my iPhone were to meet an untimely end, I will replace it with the iPad.

Why iPad?

The real genius of the iPad is that it is just a blank piece of paper. Any software developer, engineer or backyard inventor can be creative both on the inside, software, and outside, kickstands, cases, etc.

I hate to sound like I drink Apple Koolaide, but some weaknesses critics see in the iPad are intentional concessions to third party developers and accessory companies.  Without a robust third party sphere any PC product will stagnate. Plus, Apple loves make licensing fees on accessories they expended zero R & D dollars to create.

Of course, some weaknesses are also Apple underwhelming on the first generation so they can meet the price point and leave room for Wow with the 2G iPad.

Stats are Pointing Up…

But should we care about the stats when our team keeps losing?

“”What we see in the United States and some other economies is a statistical recovery and a human recession.”

Larry Summers, Davos, Jan 30, 2010 (via CNBC)

Plus, he’s actually quite wrong on the stats and also understates the human reality:

Sadly for many, the stock market will eventually reflect reality.

Debt is kicking Incomes butt

This isn't going to end well.

Debt to GDP ratio

Where's the money coming from?

Employment, not bouncing yet

Employment over decades of boom/bust

Money Markets


Formally highly liquid, Money Markets to get new withdrawal lockouts just like your favorite hedge fund.

South Park, once again ahead of the curve.

Video below IS work friendly, unless or course, you work at a TBTF Bank.

My First Bank Account

When good advice is bad advice.

Shhhh !

If you’re worth +10 mil, stop now…nothing to see here…you’ll be just fine.

Worth less, please continue, and buy Gold soon, because the S&P is a mirage and your job might be a mirage too.